devisu2.0 the first Innovative Start Up
in the sector of credit management.

We supply hi-tech technological services and professional support in all phases of checks on customers as envisaged by anti-money laundering standards and provisions implemented by the Banca d'Italia.
Our reference market is that of credit.

The adoption of stringent measures for effective customer identification within this context doesn’t only involve fulfilling legal and regulatory requirements, but also consists in the first and most important means for protection against the risk of fraud.

The name of our company, devisu2.0, literally evokes the process of identification intended as the result of a direct vision, and thus knowledge, of an event, combined with the use of technologies that allow us to document the process itself, thereby consolidating it in space and time.

Our aim is to provide a service that guarantees the business against the risk of fraud by identity theft, while fulfilling the obligations of adequate checks on customers as envisaged by anti-laundering standards.

In other words, an evolution of advanced identification as a means of anti-fraud protection.

Home ID

The first customer identification service that guarantees the risk of fraud from identity theft

Workplace ID

The customer identification service at the customer’s workplace

Pos ID

The supply of devices and software needed for identification at the point of sale

Web ID

WEB ID is the solution to adopt customer identification procedures AML compliant

Stock Audit

The car check service and related documentation at the dealers involved

Commodity Check

The service to prevent any contractual problems such as fraud, receipt of goods or execution of services linked to financing contracts


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