Identification Services


Home ID

Home ID is hinged upon the concept of identification on physical contact with the client. Not just any contact, but official contact at the client's residential address, as declared by the same client while the latter is interviewed by our specially trained personnel, who is assigned with the sole purpose of identifying this person.
The use of devices and software enables documentation of the client identification process, enhancing the concept of physical contact while raising it to the function of an effective deterrent against fraud by identity theft.

Workplace ID

Workplace IDuses the same technology as the Home ID service and has been developed for the market of salary-backed loans and more in general where the risk of fraud is likewise associated with the existence (or lack of) a place of employment, as declared by the client requesting the loan.
For these reasons, identification is verified at the stated place of work.

Pos ID

Pos ID The identification of the customer is carried out directly by the subject held or in charge of identification at the point of sale through an APP.
A copy of the digital archive is kept and transmitted periodically to the subject held or in charge of identification on a durable medium


WEB ID In a world where online transactions are in continuous and exponential growth WEB ID is the solution to adopt customer identification procedures AML compliant.
WEB ID requires the Customer to own a PC with a webcam, or alternatively a Tablet or Smartphone.
The Customer, through an audio / video session, is guided by an operator in an identification process that involves the acquisition of identification data, identification documents and information on the continuous relationship.


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